Ang Bag ong Maayong Balita Biblia Cebuano

Containing the best Ang Bag-ong Maayong Balita Biblia (RCPV) aka Cebuano Bible Revised Popular Version (NT) with audio. Also available with audio bible version and a daily bible verse to give you strength and inspiration every day. Include both old and new testaments with all books. The Cebuano or Cebuan language, also often referred informally to by most of its speakers simply as Bisaya. While Filipino (Tagalog) has the most number of speakers of Philippine languages, Cebuano had the largest native language speaking population in the Philippines.

This android app is free for download and is recommended to use it online with few sections who can be available offline. This Holy Bible allows you to highlight and bookmark any part of scriptures like you would in real life, add personal notes and sermons, copy, paste, share scriptures with friends and family.

As language Cebuano, also known as Binisaya, Bisayan, Sebuano, Sugbuanon, Sugbuhanon, Visayan, is the major language of Visayan islands (Negros Oriental, Cebu, Bohol), and parts of Mindanao in the Philippines. Ethnologue identifies several dialects of Cebuano, namely, Cebu, Boholano, Leyte, and Mindanao Visayan, although Boholano is sometimes considered to be a separate language. Enjoy every day the Ang Bag ong Maayong Balita Bible for free on your phone or tablet!