Mossi Bible Mole SEBR SÕNGO


Mossi Bible Mole Audio SEBR SÕNGO New and Old Testament. Also available with audio bible version and a daily bible verse to give you strength and inspiration every day. The Mossi language (known in the language as Mooré; also Mòoré, Mõõré, Moré, Moshi, Moore, More) is a Gur language of the Oti–Volta branch and one of two official regional languages of Burkina Faso, closely related to the Frafra language spoken just across the border in the northern half of Ghana and less-closely to Dagbani and Mampruli further south. This android app is free for download and is recommended to use it online with few sections who can be available offline. The bible include both old and new testaments with all books. Enjoy every day the bible for free on your phone or tablet!