Venda Bible VEN 98 Bivhili Kwethwa Mafhungo Madifha

Read and Listen to Venda Bible also known as Bivhili Kwethwa Mafhungo Madifha or VEN98. Also we include Kalanga Bible. The Complete Holy Bible in your native language all in your pocket. The app free for download comes with complete online use and support some offline bible features. Venda or Tshivenda, also known as Tshivenda or Luvenda, is a Bantu language and an official language of South Africa. The Venda language is related to Kalanga (Western Shona, different from Shona, official language of Zimbabwe) which is spoken in Botswana and Zimbabwe.

Get encouraged with daily devotional messages, motivational verses and inspirational verses to help you in your day to day life and overcome life obstacles. You can switch between Venda, Zulu, Xhosa, Afrikaans or Shoto (Northern/Southern) and English's in King James Version (KJV), New Living Translation (NLT), New International Version (NIV) and many other.

Bible (Venda), BIVHILI KHETHWA Mafhungo Madifha


venda bible

Bible (Venda), BIVHILI KHETHWA Mafhungo Madifha