Haitian Creole Version HCV Bible Audio Free

Containing best Haitian Creole Version HCV Bible. Also available with audio bible version and a daily bible verse to give you strength and inspiration every day. Haitian Creole (/'he???n 'kri?o?l/; Haitian Creole: kreyòl ayisyen, Haitian Creole pronunciation: [k?ej?l]; French: créole haïtien) is a French-based creole language. Known as Bib La an Kreyol Ayisyen or Haitian Creole Version HCV Bible. This android app is free for download and is recommended to use it online with few sections who can be available offline. Include both old and new testaments with all books. Haitian Creole is used widely among Haitians who have relocated to other countries, particularly the United States and Canada. Some of the larger Creole-speaking populations are found in Montreal, Quebec (where French is the first official language), New York City, Boston, and Central and South Florida (Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and Palm Beach).

This Bib La allows you to highlight and bookmark any part of scriptures like you would in real life, add personal notes and sermons, copy, paste, share scriptures with friends and family. Kreyòl has three main geographical dialects, and it is not uncommon for Haitians to speak more than one of them: Northern dialect, spoken in Cap-Haitien, the second largest Haitian city; Central dialect, spoken in the metropolitan area of Port-au-Prince, the capital of Haiti; Southern dialect spoken in the area of Cayes, an important city in the south of Haiti. Enjoy every day the Bib La en Kreyol for free on your phone or tablet!